OpenFMB is an emerging standard for automating the grid of the future. It is a publish/subscribe architecture that allows components to abstract communication paths using peer-to-peer communications and/or traditional message brokers. The following elements are standardized in OpenFMB:

  • A set of abstract messages for controlling and scheduling energy resources
  • Concrete message descriptors for Google protobuf and IDL
  • Bindings for various message transports such as NATS, DDS, and MQTT.

Automatak is building an adapter application that bridges traditional devices with OpenFMB. The adapter performs several functions:

  • Translate traditional legacy protocols like DNP3 and Modbus to OpenFMB messages.
  • Bridge OpenFMB transports such as converting DDS to NATS.
  • Provide capture/replay functionality for diagnostic and simulation purposes
  • Bridge OpenFMB into time series databases such as InfluxDB.

This codebase is scheduled to be released into open source under a permissive license in late 2018.


Large investor-owned utility.


2017 – current


This project underscores my experience with:

  • Integrating DNP3/Modbus libraries and to
  • Using code generation to reduce costs and improve accuracy
  • Contributing to emerging standards